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Drive Encryption Recovery

Hello. I've encrypted a workstation on a client using Drive Encryption 7.1.3 on a Windows 8.1 OS, after some products were updated (Agent, VSE, DLP).

After the encryption ended, the workstation was rebooted. Login prompt did not appear on boot, and because of that users cannot authenticate and decrypt the disk. They tried to use a recovery CD (they used the same tool in the past and it worked to decrypt and boot) but this time it didn't work. The recovery prompt does not show either. All that appears in the screen is the Dell logo.

He said to me that he was able to copy some files that are important, but obviously they are encypted. Anybody has an idea on how to proceed to troubleshoot and decrypt this disk?

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Re: Drive Encryption Recovery

can you tell us more about this recovery cd you used? What software is on it?

we would need to know exactly what didn't work - what they did, what the error messages were etc to be able to advise a reliable recovery process.

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