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Do you have any recommendations on best scripting to use to install EEPC 6.x?


We are trying to figure out how to automatically install EEPC 6.2 and place systems directly into ePO System Tree\containers. We cannot use the ePO Group synchronize option - to sync up from AD - as it has older machines (XP) we do not want to upgrade.

For example using the following System Tree structure deploying 400 laptops, 500 tablets and 600 desktops across the state to:

System Tree\EE Systems\Accounting Machines Group – 400 systems

System Tree\EE Systems\Marketing Machines Group – 600 systems

System Tree\EE Systems\Audit Machines Group – 500 systems

The script will be run at the user’s desk by field IT personnel.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated

Many thanks in advance

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