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Digital Persona Pro Workgroup

So I purchased Digital Persona's Pro Workgroup about a year ago. I used it to encrypt all of my drives. I was even backing everythin up to those drives. Oops! I have a failure on my boot drive and not after a refomat I can access the other three encrypted drives. I contact Digital Persona's support team and they stated that the product was End-of-life. AHHH, I just want the picture of my kids on my desk as I beat my head against a wall. He was kind enough to inform me that Digital Persona Pro Workgroup does use McAfee for the encryption and I noticed that when it used to boot up to the encryption login screen, that it did have a McAfee logo. He wanted me to use to get in an un ecrypt the drive.

So here is the deal. I got EEtech, downloaded it, compliled it and it boots fine, however for obvious reason I do not have a daily authrization code. Myy disk is asking fora code from 1 Nov 2012.

Someone pplease help. I know my passowrd to get into the encrypted dirve I just need my data.

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