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Deploying EEPC Upgrade using 3rd party tools (SCCM)


I know there is a blog post out there regarding deploying EEPC v6 using SCCM and we have used this method without any issues for new system deployments. However does anyone know or have expereince with upgrading EEPC 6.x from one version installed on a system with a newer version?

Specifically i am looking to upgrade 6.0.2 clients to 6.1 patch 2 using SCCM - my reasoning is SCCM can better handle the 2 required reboots in off hours to ensure the updates are done and both reboots happen. My theory is there is no reason why this shouldnt work as long as ePO has the required extensions and software installed but I just wanted to see if anyone else has attempted this or if anyone is aware if this will actually work without any issues. FYI ePO version is 4.5 patch 4 HF 1

EDIT: So I have noted this KB: KB71822 - which details how to deploy EEPC 6.1 via a 3rd party tool using the MSI files as I noted above - so my question now is does this work for upragdes and has anyone tried it?

EDIT 2: Found KB: KB72802 - which gives instructions for both New Installs and Upgrades - so that said i will take that as being supported using the methods detailed - so then has anyone tried this and have any tips or suggestions? I will be testing on my own in case anyone finds this useful and post the results back here.



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Re: Deploying EEPC Upgrade using 3rd party tools (SCCM)

Hi Mark. You should be good to go. It doesn't matter how the MSIs are delivered - they just have to be delivered and then executed by something. SCCM should work just fine.

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