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Dell Precision m3800 pre-boot visibility

We are currently rolling out EEPC 7.01 and have a number of Dell Precision m3800 systems that utilize a USB display adaptopr for systems using a docking station. The pre-boot display is not visible when the system is docked and the user is required to undock, open laptop screen and authenticate at Pre-boot. I have enabled "Always enable pre-boot USB support"  and users are still not getting the monitors to display pre-boot login when docked.

Are there any steps we can take to allow users to see the pre-boot auth screen when using this docking station configuration?

Thank you.

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Re: Dell Precision m3800 pre-boot visibility


If the UEFI or BIOS does not support this USB display, then it won't be possible to support it in the EEPC pre-boot.

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