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Dell M4500 Reboot Issue


We have deployed EEPC 6.0.1 on a new brand Dell M4500 after deploying EEPC once the encryption is finished and we perform a reboot the system keeps on rebooting continuously i.e. we do not even get the login screen of EEPC for the user to logon it just flashes the EEPC screen and the system again reboots. Using the recovery disc we can do an emergency reboot but that doesn t help as after that once we restart the system keeps on restarting.

The SATA operation mode is set to ATA in BIOS.

We have epo 4.5 patch 1 EEPC 6.0.1, please note this is the second M4500 which we are having issues with.

Anyone having similar issue, Mcafee support advised to upgrade to Patch 2 which doesnt makes sense cant upgrade just to fix single machine.



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