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Deleting EEPC Users from ePO

Does anyone know if a way to delete EEPC users from ePO (Version 4.6.7 ) and have it actually purge the record from the database? We have seen a few instances where the user object becomes corrupted and needs to be deleted / allowed to recreate as a new object. When deleting users from the Encryption Users screen, I believe this is just removing the user from whatever device you selected. Any ideas on actually purging the EEPC user record from the ePO database through the ePO console? Running EEPC 6.2.1, but extensions are 7.0.2 in preperation of upgrading.

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Re: Deleting EEPC Users from ePO

I think if you remove the user from all assigned devices then that removes all records as the next time they get assigned and log in, they will have to use the default password. If you check the Endpoint Encryption - System Users for Each Machine query you can find what machines thay are assigned to.



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