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Re: Decrypt & Uninstall EE issues

Finally some improvements.

I succeeded in updating EEPC & EEAgent on one of the victims.

Now ePO reports it's state as In-Active and no disks reported ("No Details are available"), but in the registry the cryptstate keyvalue is still empty?

Before I continue with the removal of EE I want to be 100% sure the drives are actually decrypted?

But now we finally got a "MfeEpe.log" logfile. (attached)

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Re: Decrypt & Uninstall EE issues

First of all, to decrypt machines, you should create a new Product Settings policy, and de-select the "Enable Policy" checkbox.  Apply this to the machines you wish to decrypt/uninstall EEPC, and the machines will begin decrypting.

Once the decryption of the machines has been completed, you should uninstall the EEPC and EEAdmin software from the client machines using an uninstall task from the EPO server.

If for some reason, a machine is not cooperating, you can always remove the encryption manually by using an EETech disc. Directions can be found here:

You can decrypt the drive using EETech, then uninstall the EEPC and EEAdmin software from the machine using either a task from the EPO server, or manually.  See this blog post for info regarding removing the encryption software manually.

Re: Decrypt & Uninstall EE issues

Hi there.

Glad to hear that u have managed system.

Anyway i suggest u to redeploy EE components before, isn' it??

The empty value int the registry key should be an answer that u have In-Active EEPC.

u can check i ePO console disk status, but in ur case should to be carefully with it.

If u want, u can try to modify policy with single partition encryption anc check it it will encryp or not.

U can also enable policy with non encrypted drives. When the host apply the policy u will see Activate policy status and registry key should have some value.

I thing the 2-nd option will better.

Good luck.

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