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Data retrieval - failed SSD Enterprise

My SSD is encrypted using McAfee Drive Encryption 7.1 or later..

So my SSD with Win8 failed on me last week. My company's IT department couldn't retrieve any data off my old SSD and simply did a rebuild of a new SSD with new OS install and handed over my system back to me. I'm desperate to get my data back. I've high confidence that my older SSD is OK and I should be able to retrieve data off it if I'm able to decrypt it. I've the decryption key (SSD password). I've little confidence in the IT guy that handled my service request to try and get back my data.. hence reaching out to the community here..

Of course, I'll do this all under the supervision of my IT department & follow all company policies.. All I'm looking for is to get back my data..

Is there a procedure/tools that I can use to get back my data.. (SSD wouldnt boot to Windows or any other tools that our IT department used)

Any help is much appreciated.

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