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DEGo 7.1.3 and Windows 10

I'm working on testing various McAfee items with Windows 10 for our Windows 10 project team and I'm not having any luck with DEGo.

  • It failed to install via ePO (said it wasn't compatible)
  • Manual install seems to run fine
  • The Health information never gets sent back (ePO still shows "pending" on all DEGo fields) and due to that, the policy I was using that indicated not to encrypt until it passed the DEGo health check prevented it from encrypting.

So, as soon as I removed that policy it started to encrypt.  So, my question is, does anyone else experience this with DEGo 7.1.3 and Windows 10?

It's running on Windows 10 Pro - 64-Bit on a Dell Latitude 6430.  Not using TPM or UEFI.  The drive is a Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB.

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Re: DEGo 7.1.3 and Windows 10

Hi Han,

I do have the same problem.

How to manually install DEGo ?


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Re: DEGo 7.1.3 and Windows 10

We had problems also with DEGO not working with Windows 10. Luckily, we had another issue with a particular Dell laptop with Pre-Boot, after which McAfee supplied us with a hotfix. This hotfix made our version of DE go to version Support gave us the hotfix release notes and I noticed that it also fixed the Windows 10 DEGO issue. It is supported with version which you have to call McAfee support for.

We ran into another issue with Windows 10. It does not support the agent. We had issues where it would not apply policies, in fact EEADMIN was missing. Support said that this is a documented problem and that we had to wait for ePO agent 5.0.3.

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Re: DEGo 7.1.3 and Windows 10

Try McAfee Agent 4.8 patch 3

McAfee Employee

Re: DEGo 7.1.3 and Windows 10

This is an known issue with DEGo 7.1.3. Please collect a MER from the affected Windows 10 system, open a case with support and reference KB85514.

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