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DE 7.1.3 permission to run server tasks

Hey guys,

the product McAfee Drive Encryption brings the Server Task "DE: Force update for UBP enforcement users", which needs to be run after assigning an user with UBP enabled to enable the encryption.

I can run this task without any problems, because I'm owning the administrator permissions.

We have created a group in ePO for our support coworkers. For this group we have the in "permission sets" this setting regarding Server Tasks: "Create, edit, view, run, and end Scheduler tasks; view Scheduler tasks results in the Server Task Log"

One of our coworkers noticed, that he isn't able to run this mentioned server task. He just can view it, but neither run edit or run this task. As seen on the attached screenshot.

For Drive Encryption this permission set is this:

- Policy Options:

     - No permissions

- User Management:

     - Change and view user management

     - no import of v5 users

     - no allow configuration of ubp enforcement

- Recovery Options:

     - Allow reset token

     - Allow administrator recovery

- Query Options:

     - none

Any ideas what is the requirement of running this mentioned server-task? (without being an administrator)

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


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Level 9

Re: DE 7.1.3 permission to run server tasks

No one any idea? :-/

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