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DE 7.1.2 - Speed Up Windows Boot Time

Hey All,

We currently have DE 7.1.2 in our environment, in place on laptops and portable devices. We currently use Cisco NAC/ISE and this, combined with encryption, seems to slow boot times considerably, especially with a newer version of NAC. We are trying to speed up boot times as much as possible. With that in mind, I was wondering if there was some kind of boot time document that illustrates best practices for quicker booting. If no document, then perhaps someone can provide tips. We currently don't have SSO enabled, as it seemed to have issues with NAC when we first went live. If any further information is needed on my part, please let me know. Thanks-

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McAfee Employee

Re: DE 7.1.2 - Speed Up Windows Boot Time

Without SSO enabled, the boot time shouldn't be significantly changed. Some additional delay will be added as with any product with system drivers.

An easy way to look at a boot time issue is using xBootMgr which is a part of Windows Performance Toolkit. With the boot log created by xBootMgr, you should be able to identify what process is causing the delay as a gap in time will be seen when process are no longer spawning.

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