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Configure size of mfeepe.log? (ePO4.5)


Sorry if this should be in the Endpoint Encryption area.  My assumption is that this query would be considered an ePO configuration issue.

ePO 4.5 - Is it possible to configure the size of the mfeepe.log file before it creates a new one.  Currently a new log file gets created when the file reaches 10MB in size.

I'd like to configure the log file to be about 1MB ideally, as I have a number of remote users on very slow connections.  When I need to check the mfeepe.log to ensure changes have taken place, it can take a long time to download the file.

Many thanks

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Re: Configure size of mfeepe.log? (ePO4.5)

Hi muckcafe, I'm not sure but I think you cannot limit the mfeepe log size:

  1. The default location for this log is: C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption Agent\MfeEpe.log
  2. Disable debug logging after you have collected sufficient details.  This is important because there is no feature to restrict the size of the log because the log is intended for troubleshooting purposes only

seen here:

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Re: Configure size of mfeepe.log? (ePO4.5)

Moving to an encryption product group for attention.


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Re: Configure size of mfeepe.log? (ePO4.5)


I can't remember on which version we introduce it, but there is a registry key on the host configuration called MaxLogFileSizeMb that allows you to set the size of the log.


Fausto Oliveira

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