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Compatible HDD image tools with McAfee Endpoint Encryption


my company has pushed this wonderful Software to my Laptop and I have now concerns that my backup / restore mechanism of taking HDD images may not work when my HDD fails. I have seen some KB entries from acronis that after restore of an image we have to manually restore the MBR, But I'm looking for a straight forward solution like it was before EE was pushed to my Laptop : Make an imange, restore an image (that works without hacking arround).

My current system :

OS : Windows XP Pro SP 3

McAfee Endpoint Encryption for files and Folders version :

But later this year I'll have to update to :

OS: Windows 7

McAfee Endpoint Encr ption for files and Folders version :  "who knows".

What Image software would you recommend (Acronis, Ghost) ? What minimum Version ?



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