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Code-of-the-day automatic download

We have been asked to look in the following case.

We are managing the backbone ePO 4.5 environment for our customer which using:

Antivirus software

antispyware software

endpoint encryption pc

In case of a encryption recovery with EETECH CD is needed on of the few regional provider will need the code of the day.

Our customer asked us if we can implement a daily process that automaticly downloads the code-of-the-day and then publish it on a internal sharepoint site which is only available for those desktop providers. In that case a desktop provider don't have to do a request at the McAfee department of our customer and can start recover right away.

I checked how that code of the day needs to be downloaded, and it is via a flash based windows which also ask you a question, why you need it, etc.

So this way it makes it difficult to implement it.

Is there any txt file on the FTP site of mcafee that holds the CODD???

Or is there anybody who had the same issue and found a solution?


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Re: Code-of-the-day automatic download

Solution is to talk to McAfee Support and get yourself on a regular e-mail distribution list. Then you will get codes twice a week.

Distribution of this info must comply with McAfee regulations though.



Encrypted data is almost invariably recoverable by using the correct procedures, even in the most extreme cases. However misuse of SafeTech can very easily render this data impossible to retrieve. Therefore, the SafeTech code should be used under the guidance of a McAfee technical support operator. Without such guidance, McAfee cannot take any responsibility for the data on your machine.

In situations where data has been lost or corrupted due to use of SafeTech without our guidance, and customers require our advice in the retrieval of such data, McAfee reserves the right to charge time and services to customers at consultancy rates. This charge may be made regardless of any maintenance contract in place.

The code is supplied on a "no-fault" basis. SafeTech has NO safeguards.

This mail contains confidential information and is intended for the recipient only. If you receive this mail or information in error, please inform us so by sending an email to, and by destroying the mail and information received in error. Further distribution of the code only after prior written permission by McAfee. If you need the code distributed to other people in your organization on a structural basis, please contact your McAfee representative for information on how to add them to the distribution list.

Attention!!!! An Issue with the Emergency Boot function has been identified in the build (5130) of Endpoint Encryption for PC's (EEPC). Use of this feature may result in an "Unsupported Algorithm" error. This issue is resolved in the latest release of Endpoint Encryption for PC's (EEPC), build 5300. Please contact McAfee representative for your upgrade possibilities.

McAfee in UK +44 1923 85 9119

McAfee in USA +1 877 330 2424

McAfee in France +33 146 24 5634

McAfee in Germany +49 211 2503171

McAfee in Sweden +46 8 698 87 50

McAfee in Belgium +32 15 74 75 10

McAfee Rest of World +31 30 634 88 50

AutoSender from: Automated SafeTech Access Code Dispatch

This report sent Tuesday AM, and Friday AM GMT


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Re: Code-of-the-day automatic download

Thanks, that sounds good.

I assume that you receive then the codes for a few days ahead?

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Re: Code-of-the-day automatic download

For about 7 days ahead.

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Re: Code-of-the-day automatic download

I'm afraid membership to the automated list is closed - it's maintained for legacy reasons. To get a code you simply need to login to the McAfee support portal with your grant number.

Remember, you don't need the code for anything but the most dangerous options of EETech/WinTech/SafeTech etc - things like mount drive are available without entering it.

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