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Change from User/Pass PBA to TPM

Is there a particular process to change the method of preboot authentication from Username/Password to TPM?  Currently all our devices are set to preboot authentication using username and password, and I want to change that to TPM.  

I've created a test policy and applied that policy to a specific test device through EPO.  I then forced an agent update through the EPO, and watched the update on the device.  After several reboots and a couple of hours, the laptop still boots up with the test logon message from the test policy (that should enforce TPM) and TPM doesn't seem to be utilized.

I've verified that the TPM is enabled in BIOS and is visible to the OS through Device Manager and WMI command.  Also, when I start the Bitlocker encryption process, Windows seems to identify the TPM just fine.

I have a HP ProBook 450 G3 with TPM 1.2, and Drive Encryption 7.1.3.

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