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Cannot log on as local admin with Win7 & EEPC

Hello everyone,

    My group is having issues logging on locally with EEPC Agent and EEPC  We have set the flag in ePO to allow users to cancel SSO; however, it just prompts us with another McAfee EEPC logon window. Even when we uncheck the "Perform Single-Sign on to operating system"  we are unable to get to the Windows logon prompt.  The OS is Windows 7, 64-bit on HP Elitebook 2760P tablets.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to get around or correct this?  Thanks;

Erik Branham

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Re: Cannot log on as local admin with Win7 & EEPC


If you are using EELogon the login prompt is going to ask you for a valid EEPC user.

You can do a recovery at that stage and login wiht a valid EEPC user.

In EEPC v7 we no longer have the EELogon component and this type of constraint ceases to exist.



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