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Can't access my data after decryption

Hi ,

My main drive WD 350GB has been encrypted , but suddenly i 'm was unable to start up the windows ( windows 7 - 64 Bit) , as after i login using my mcafee encryption account , the machine hung up before starting the windows and showing flashing icons on the sceen like # .

So our local support team , they decrypt the drive using safedisk which takes 4 complete days ( note : the status shows 100 % completed but the machine didn't start automatically for almost 4 hours ) .

so restarted the machine , but i couldn't access my drive partition (except the hidden OS recovery partition ) , i tried to boot again using the safe disk but it showing what my drive is not encrypted .

I tried to plug the drive to another machine using windows 7 but it shows my partition as RAW and asking to format it .

Can you please advise how can i reterive my data back , i checked couple of software to recover my data , but it shows my  files like flash movies with big files size .



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Re: Can't access my data after decryption

it depends on exactly what your IT team did - perhaps they decrypted with the wrong key?

Start by telling us exactly what version of EEPC you're using, and what tool your IT team used?

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