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Booting a VHD not possible using PBA and encrypted drive!?


I am trying to boot my system with a VHD file, Windows 8 Enterprise x64 is installed in that VHD. After passing the McAfee Pre Boot Authentification the Win8 Bootloader appears but it cannot find the necessary files to boot (winload.exe missing), my physical installed and encrypted Windows 7 is starting by choosing older version of Windows.

I am using the McAfee agent 4.6, the Endpoint Encryption agent 1.2 and the Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.2, in the ePO is configured to encypt the whole drive. In my case C: and D:

Tried three different VHDs with Windows 8 installed, none is booting. The VHDs where placed directly in C:, on D: and a folder on D:, does not matter. The bootloader entries are configured correctly, on an unencrypted machine it works fine.

Someone got the same problem, is it a known EEPC issue? How can I bypass it, maybe edit some PBA settings?

Best regards, Andy

FYI: This howto was used to create the VHDs, Win8 install and bootloader settings ->

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Re: Booting a VHD not possible using PBA and encrypted drive!?

It's because you don't have the EEPC drivers in your Win8 image, so when the PBA hands over to the OS, there's nothing to continue decrypting the drive. Then, there's the problem that the VHD does not exist on real sectors, so the decrpytion driver wouldn't know what to decrypt it anyway.

Finally, Win8 is not supported by EEPC6.

so I think you're not going to be successful here.

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