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Level 7

Blank buttons on EEPC login window

EEPC version:

OS: Win7

Latitude E6430

After upgrade from SafeBoot v 5.2.2 & reboot buttons on EEPC login window are blank. Any ideas appreciated.

Blank EEPC login buttons.jpg

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Level 21

Re: Blank buttons on EEPC login window

Looks like your theme is broken - are you using a custom one? I would check that it was imported into EPO correctly.

As an aside - EEPC6 was meant to go EOL in March this year - we extended it for a few months, but if you are planning an upgrade, you might want to consider upgrading to a platform with more than a few months support left.

If you migrate to EEPC6, you only have until September of this year to move AGAIN to EEPC7 to stay supported.

Message was edited by: SafeBoot on 4/17/14 11:21:39 AM EDT
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