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Anyone using the EPO API to pull EEPC XML?

Hi all,

    I was just wondering if anyone was using the EPO API to pull out the EEPC and EEMAC .XML file?  I can successfully pull it if I use the machineName parm, but I'm really in need of pulling th eXML using ONLY the keycheck value....

for a twist, we purge inactive EPO agent nodes from ePO that havent' reported in within 15 days, and the majority of machines that we have to pull the XML for have been purged.

Now, I can do this manually by directly manipulating the EPO database, but it's a bit time consuming and I'd like to automate this process.  Plat. support mentions the EPO API is the way to go, but even though it says machineName paremeter is optional, I've only been able to get a valid XML file by using the machineName parameter along with the keycheck value....   Rarely is the machinename actually known, but the keycheck value is always known and validated by booting into EETECH...

  so, anyone have success with the EPO API and pulling the XML?  I've used the python sample scripts, manually plugged in the URL parms according to the scripting guide, etc etc 

thanks all!


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