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Another Encrypted HDD that won't decrypt

The infamous 'Error [0xEE020006] Getting Disk info' while trying to authenticate with the recovery key. This seems to be a common issue for many and yet I'm unable to find a resolution or the definitive answer that the data is lost for good.

Platform Specs: HP8560w; 500GB Hitachi HDD;  Win7 64bit; MBR Boot; up to date BIOS; HP Protect tools v6. / McAfee Endpoint Encryption.

Attempted a HDD to SSD migration with Acronis True Image utility within Windows and on the first reboot to begin the migration process the system failed to boot. Looked like the MBR was modified by the migration tool and because the drive was encrypted it didn't work (I'm guessing). Many attempts to recover/repair/replace the MBR did not help or change the symptoms so I rebuilt the OS onto the SSD and restored -most- of the data.

I have this HDD with an encrypted C: partition and the recovery key but have been unable to decrypt.

Boot Disktech 2011 CD (BIOS Boot set to IDE) while HDD is installed internally and using McAfee EETech , Click HP and navigate to recovery key, select open, and boom 'Error [0xEE020006] Getting Disk info'.

The disk is functional and the recovery key is available. Why can't the partition be accessed? Is it the MBR ? Is there a way to rebuild the MBR so the drive will mount?

OK. How about a recommendation for a data recovery service?


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Re: Another Encrypted HDD that won't decrypt

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