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Allowing Helpdesk To View Disk Status

Hey Everyone,

I'm running into a permissions issue trying to allow our Helpdesk people to view the disk status of computers. Under their group permissions I have "View User Management" and "View Policy Settings" and they have permission to view the section of the system tree the machines are located in. They are able to see all the properties of the machine when the click on it in the system tree and they can also see the Properties tab when they click on 'More' next to Endpoint Encryption but going to the Disks tab results in: "You are not authorized for this operation."

The audit log shows: "The user was not authorized to access the requested URL /EEADMIN_1000/" when my test user tries to access that page. Has anyone else run into this or happen to know what permissions need to be set for them to view this information?



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Re: Allowing Helpdesk To View Disk Status

I have the same issue. I have had a case open with McAfee for ~ 2months now regarding this. It is on Tier II / Tier III support right now. Oddly enough if the users have access to the ePO Dashboard "Endpoint Encryption" and the table EE: Disk Status they can see that information. I still have no resolution to this problem though.

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