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Level 7

Administrative Restart

The PCs at my work place have endpoint encryption, this is managed by an epo server. What I would like to know is for users in remote areas, is there any way an administrator can do a restart of said machine to (one time) bypass the mcafee login page. For when trying to solve an issue remotely on a users machine.



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Level 21

Re: Administrative Restart

Look into the "autoboot" function described in your product guide - it's designed for this kind of activity.

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McAfee Employee

Re: Administrative Restart

There is also the temporary autoboot function that will allow an administrator to run an EXE and set the machine to autoboot X number of times. This exe is in the download of MDE from the Download site. The temporary autoboot option must be enabled in the Product policy and then the command run:

e.g. EpeTemporaryAutoBoot.exe --number-of-reboots 1

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