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Migrating to a new AD Domain - ePO and MDE

Hello All,

(Copying this over from the ePO forum)

Or organization is going to be moving to a new AD domain in the coming months, and we're looking in to any issues that may pop up with ePO. From what I have read, ePO is not dependant on the domain, but Drive Encryption is. Is there a way to migrate everything without having to decrypt/encrypt machines? We have systems with MDE (approx. 8,000+) and we do not have physical access to all of these systems: we manage ePO for our clients. It would be a massive undertaking to follow KB83802. Is there anyway to do it easily, or does it even need to be followed at all?

ePO 5.3.2



note: I am the McAfee "Subject-matter expert" but I am still learning about the role; i didn't have enough time to learn everything I needed from our previous SME before he left, so any help at all would be appreciated!!

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