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Migrating a VirtualBox VM to Parallels - Drive Encryption Errors

Parallels 14 running on OS X 10.13.6

Windows 10 running on VirtualBox 5.2.22

The Windows VM was built with a corporate image, so includes Drive Encryption / ENS 10.6.1 (seems silly to me given that the VM is running on a laptop which has its own encryption, but I just work here).

I'm trying to migrate the little bits of it I actually use to Parallels but am running into errors related to the encryption, and wondering if there's any way around it. Parallels has two methods of importing a VB VM. If I shut down the VM and open it in Parallels, it will convert on the fly, but then the VM fails to start - it shows "McAfee Drive Encryption Fatal Error: [0xEE020006] Getting disk info". If, conversely, I attempt to use the Parallels Transporter Agent (which effectively exports an image) and import that, the Parallels VM fails to start with "EEPC has been corrupted"

Any ideas? Anyone go through this?


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