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How to perform manual decryption and recover data from DETech Standlone Disk

We have seen same issue in another system also of Lenovo. Error message is same there also.


We have tested every possibility of getting the data back from recovery process. We would like to perform one last step from WinPE as well as from Force Crypt Sector.


Here we need some help from you, what will be the sector start and Number of Sector from below details as well as on workspace.


Disk Crypt List:

Crypt List region Count: 1

Crypt List region 0 Start: 50270208

Crypt List region 0 Count: 449643104


Disk partitions:

Partition Count: 5

Partition 0 Type: GPT(0xEE)

Partition 0 Type Name: Unknown

Partition 0 Start Sector: 2048

Partition 0 Sector Count: 1021952


Partition 1 Type: GPT(0xEE)

Partition 1 Type Name: EFI System

Partition 1 Start Sector: 1024000

Partition 1 Sector Count: 204800


Partition 2 Type: GPT(0xEE)

Partition 2 Type Name: Microsoft Reserved

Partition 2 Start Sector: 1228800

1 EC.jpg2 EC.jpg3 PC .jpg4 PC.jpgPartition 2 Sector Count: 32768


Partition 3 Type: GPT(0xEE)

Partition 3 Type Name: Windows data

Partition 3 Start Sector: 1261568

Partition 3 Sector Count: 498651744


Partition 4 Type: GPT(0xEE)

Partition 4 Type Name: EFI System

Partition 4 Start Sector: 499913312

Partition 4 Sector Count: 204832

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