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Error code 0xEE080005: Timeout occurred while communicating with smart card.

Having issue with user's attempting to poll card via the Mcafee Drive Encryption Service. When user attempts to poll card they get this error. User had a field tech with them and when the tech uses's their card to login passed Mcafee they don't get this error and are able to log passed the Drive Encryption. Once passed Mcafee the user is able to login with their card and access other systems that require the card. Running our proprietary card check on the card shows there is nothing wrong with the card or card chip and we are able to access and view the certificates on the card. This does not appear to be an issue with the card at this point, nor the card reader. Any information you can provide about this would be greatly appreciated. I have not found any other information on the web or this support website, other than the error code description, that provides additional information or a resolution. Thank you for any information you can provide!

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