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Drive Encryption software not being installed


I have several laptops that have been tagged for the Drive Encryption software, however even after several days, the software has not been installed yet. I can confirm that the McAfee agent is able to communicate with the ePO, and on the other hand, the ePO server is able to ping the machine.

From the Applied Client Task on ePO, the 'Install Drive Encryption' is assigned, the Tag Assigned is set to True and so is the Task Settings Up-To-Date.

Any suggestions on where to find out why the Drive Encryption agent is not being pushed/installed? Would you suggest a manual installation of the Drive Encryption agent?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Re: Drive Encryption software not being installed

If you run a Client Task, Mcafee Agent, Product Deployment -> deploy drive encryption Agent for Windows, does that give you any information in the Server task log?



Re: Drive Encryption software not being installed

Are you referring to the segmented status bar? If so, that starts in green for the two first segments and then it changes to red with the 'Failed' message. There are no other information on that page, and I wish to find out more information on why the failures occured from the ePO side.

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Re: Drive Encryption software not being installed

That can found on the EPO server in the DB\Logs\server_<yourserver>.log

here you probably find some access denied or failure messages during the deployment.

see this example after pushing the agent to a device

0190206122634 I #08080 MOD_EPOREPO Copying file from master repository (D:\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software\catalog.z) to agent handler repository cache (D:\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\RepoCache\catalog.z)
20190206122636 I #08080 MOD_EPOREPO Received request, uri=/Software/Current/EEADMIN_1000/replica.log, remoteIP=<yourdevice>

Re: Drive Encryption software not being installed

Thanks for the suggestion. I have done that, however there is no metion of files being copied over. The only thing I was able to find, is that the policy on the client was up to date.

I can confirm that there are no issues with the deployment of the Drive Encryption, since I have successfully pushed and installed the package on three machines just this morning.

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