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v4 Lang/Keyboard Packs

How wierd is this? Just applied the LANG: English(American) Client & KB Client Files to a new container and built an EXE off it for some installs in the USA. Surprised to find that installs are coming up with the SB login screen in French Language! Odd? If I change to LANG: English (British) Client & KB all is well (except the keyboard mapping is obviously UK). Could the US Lang/KB client files be corrupted? How can I repair this?

Also......did McAfee / Control Break ever create a Russian LANG/KB pack? Got a handful of installs to do over there and no Russian pack avaliable in EEM for v4.

Of course, all these installs are set to be upgraded to 5.2.2 this year but it'd be nice to have the correct KB/LANG on the v4 installs.

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Re: v4 Lang/Keyboard Packs

Remove any KB/Language file set from affected machine. Synch. Then pre-boot and see.

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