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unable to do machine recov via SB Console

Running 5.1.2 MEE. We have an Support admin who is unable to do machine recovery via the console. This issue started where the first time codes are read back to end user machine recov would fail and promp "invalid recovery command" error on the machine side. After new code was generated it would work. After resinstalling the console this issue dissapeared for few days but now every machine recovery initiated by this admin is failing. This is only the case for one support person. Has anyone seen this issue ? Recreated the admins account and still no change.
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RE: unable to do machine recov via SB Console

Normally this is because the admin is trying to issue a boot once, when the user needs an "unlock screensaver" code. The same could also be true for the opposite, where an attempt was made to issue an unlock screensaver, when the user was at the pre-boot.

If this is the case, we helped clean up this confusion for our users by putting a custom banner at the top of the pre-boot environment, reflecting this.

I wouldn't chase down technical issues too far until you verify that the admin is actually doing it right. Sometimes it isn't the admin, but the user describing the scenario inadequately (wrong information or failing to mention something).
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