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sbce.sys bluescreen


We are initializing/rolling out our 5.2.3 deployment for EERM. Thus far, it is going fine. But last week, we have had one PC have blue screen issues. The blue screen happens multiple times a day until we uninstalled the product. The cause of the Blue screen is sporadic and the user may not be doing anything when it occurs. Removal/uninstall of the RRMF package removes the problem. Reinstall initiates/re-initiates the problem?

The blue screen is typically non-informative. We have not experienced this prior. It is the standard STOP 0x0000008E error.

The basic Google search and came up with no indicators of the cause.

We use a standardized build on our XP SP3 devices. The device is current on patching with a 80 G/2G Ram Core2Duo HP6510 notebook

Looking at the Processes and services do not look any different from a non-problem device. I am currently stumped. It is only one device, but would prefer to resolve the cause as we will be going global later this year with the deployment.

Thanks in advance


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