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safeboot wintech not able to decrypt

my harddisk boot up failed, need to decrypt the drive, when using safeboot wintech 5.1 authenticate from database, after load the sdb file, but the disk was still encrypted, if change to authenticate from SBFS, it shows error msg "wrong version", so I download wintech 5.2, it can't be authenticate from sdb file, error msg "unknow encryption algothrium", if authenticate from SBFS, it can load but prompt for "select a token"

may I know what's wrong with it.

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Level 21

Re: safeboot wintech not able to decrypt

it sounds like the Wintech5.2 version you are using was not built by you, so has a different algorithm to the one you are using?

you need to get the one built from YOUR EEM server - someone elses probably won't work, especially if you're not using standard algorithms etc.

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Level 10

Re: safeboot wintech not able to decrypt

You can check the disk information "get disk inforamtion"

it's should tell you the algorithm been used for encryption then change it's arcodingly in wintech..

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