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safeboot v5.1 issue .. need help

safeboot error.

when i start my laptop and after entering my password, the command screen says" Initializing safeboot ver 5.1" and after that i get safeboot error.

"Error: 0xe0050001

SafeBoot is not installed".

I had a partioned HDD into three drives and only last partition is encrypted. Ideally i should be able to logon to windows but safeboot is not allowing me to go anywhere.

The encrypted partition was using HP Protect toolsfor encryption and its appears that HP Protect tools uses SafeBoot. Contacted HP support and they have re-routed me to McAfee.

I have recovered all information from unencrypted partition via attaching the HDD as usb to another laptop. I do have a month old backup of data from the encrypted partition.

If i am able to start the windows then i believe the issue will be easier to resolve. Has any one seen this issue and what are the potential resolution scenarios.

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Re: safeboot v5.1 issue .. need help

Sorry - this is not the place to find help on HP's product, even though it says "SafeBoot", you are using Drive Encryption for HP Protecttools - and so you need to go to HP for assistance. They would have routed you here because you told them it was "SafeBoot" - it's not (even though the core is similar) - you need to make sure they understand you are using Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools.

It sounds like you have a root kit virus though - It's unfortunate, and difficult to fix.

As long as you have the .dat file that the product created when you activated it, it's possible to decrypt this third partition - You're going to need some tools from HP though to do that.

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