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recover my corporate pc / disk


i have an HP Probook from my corporate, win7 and endpoint encryption 5.2 installed.

I have an issue on windows so that i cannot boot windows: i get "windows failed to start..." status code:0xc000000e ..a required device is inaccessible.

To explain how can i get this error i have to say that i replaced my HDD with an SSD that now it's faulted, and i try to reuse the original HDD, but this is the result.

Endpoint is working because i can authenticate correctly, but now i'm trying at least to recover all data on my disks (i have two HDD installed on my PC).

IT department says that only a rebuild of PC is possible, but i don't want to loose years of email archive and a lot of stuff of my work.

I read the only way to access disks is to use wintech CD (or similar safeboot/BartPE...) is it true ? Or other tools/methods are available ?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: recover my corporate pc / disk

Those are the tools you need. I sympathize but the only way to recover a company pc is with the assistance of the company who own the pc.

Have you tried setting the hdd mode to ATA in the bios?

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