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"Autodomain.exe - configure"

I am working on implementing autodomain, however when trying to configure autodomain, I get this error:

I get a Windows Script Host popup saying:

Script: D:\SBAdmin\PowerTools\autodomain\E6E2720.vbs
Line: 2649
Char: 2
Error: ActiveX component can't create object: 'SbAdmCom.SbAdmScripting'
Code: 800A01AD
Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

The AutoDomain.log.html says:

08:58:37.05 AM: Set my options from "D:\SBAdmin\PowerTools\autodomain\AutoDomain.ini"
08:58:39.86 AM: START! Version 5.1
08:58:44.19 AM: Running Under Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Server 2003, Standard Edition 5.2.3790 : 32Bit : 32Bit : 32Bit : 32Bit : 4 processors
08:58:48.52 AM: Got Current user name "***" from domain "***"
08:58:48.52 AM: Added current users domain "***" to the defaultgooddomains list. The list is now "S-1-5-21-682360685-2186607748-4282500629,***"
08:58:48.57 AM: Compression check on systemdrive (CSmiley Happy - Not Compressed
08:58:48.57 AM: Skipping clearing restore points
08:58:48.58 AM: Running TestSafeBootAPI...
08:58:49.08 AM: Sorry - I could not use the Endpoint Encryption API. I tried but the error message was "ActiveX component can't create object"
08:58:51.99 AM: I can't continue without API Access
08:58:52.04 AM: Running Cleanup...
08:58:52.10 AM: Log filename is: AutoDomain.log.html
08:58:52.10 AM: DONE!

I have gone into IE and set to allow active content to run files on My computer...but beyond this I am at a loss...
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RE: "Autodomain.exe - configure"

register the com object on your admin server first (read the readme.txt).

regsvr32 sbadmcom.dll

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RE: "Autodomain.exe - configure"

Thank you, worked like a charm.

However, here's the readme....doesn't say that Smiley Wink

AutoDomain.exe instructions:


1. create a dir under your management system called PowerTools

2. create a dir under that called Autodomain

3. put the files in this zip in the new PowerTools\autodomain directory

4. open a command prompt and go to the directory - type autodomain5.exe -configure

5. follow the on screen prompts to set your options

6. once finished, check autodomain.ini looks good - change as little as possible.

Getting it into the database.

1. create a new file group in SBAdmin, and set it to "client files"
2. open the new group, do "import file set" on the iset.ini file contained in the PowerTools\autodomain directory


1. assign the autodomain file group to your machine group for new installs, and create a new install package.
2. Deploy!

I recommend the machine group is set by default to autoboot the machines (the $autoboot$ user is individually assigned) - if you do it like that, the script will take the autoboot user away once everything is set up correctly.

If a line is commented out in autodomain.ini, it means the DEFAULT option will be applied, not that the option is disabled, so


means TO create machines in OU. If you want not to do this, you need to set a value, ie


all the defaults are specified in the INI file, all lines prefixed with ; are ignored.
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RE: "Autodomain.exe - configure"

ah. true. the current version of the readme does (because most people forgot this step). Strangly, the latest version of the script will do the register for you making it kind of moot.
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