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option for assigning users in the policy settings

I just want to confirm the difference

In Summary, the difference between the two settings is this:

During Activation

  • “Add all previous and current local domain users of the system”

               Assigns thecurrent domain logged in user and all previous logged in domain users locatedin the registry key “ProfileList” to the system.

  • “Only add currently logged on local domain user(s); activation is dependent onasuccessful user assignment”

               Assigns the current domain logged inuser only to the system.


If another user at the windows prompt logs in to the system other than the ones already assigned during activation or manually on ePO, then that user is also added to the assigned users and is allowed to login at PreBoot

please confirm to clear confusion

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Re: option for assigning users in the policy settings

Almost - the registry is only one manifestation of a "profile" - windows provides Apis and tools to manage them, you should never manipulate profiles by editing the registry directly or the folders on disk - that's not appropriate, or reliable.

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Level 7

Re: option for assigning users in the policy settings


sorry for the duplicate entry

We don't modify the registry or the profiles, I just wanted to confirm how EE is assigning new logged in users after the initial user assignment during activation. There is no mention of that in the guide and I had thought that whoever logs in becomes the assigned user and there is always one user assigned with the "Only add currently logged in ...." option

Thank you

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