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eeff - SbCeCoreService.exe error


I installed eeff on my pc and since then, whenever I shut down my pc, I always get the error message regarding memory problem "SbCeCoreService.exe - Application Error". What error is this?

Plse advise. Thanks.

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Re: eeff - SbCeCoreService.exe error

I cant confirm this is working yet, But I have been dvised by my McAfee tech that it is a bug that will be patched for next version, but in the interim, use the following work around:

  • 1-      Run > msconfig
  • 2-      System Start Tab then uncheck McAfee Endpoint Encryption For files and Folders
  • 3-      Restart the system
  • 4-      EERM headless should work same time check for the Sbcecoreservice.exe application error in Event Viewer.

I will test and report back if this fixes the issue

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Re: eeff - SbCeCoreService.exe error


In my company, we have the same issue.

I tested the workaround but it doesn't work for me.

what I found, is that when I manually stop the "McAfee Endpoint Encryption Core Service" it crashes allways.

Any news from your side?

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Re: eeff - SbCeCoreService.exe error

We too have seen this issue, no intentions of turning off EEFF, but it is annoying.  Have ticket in with McAfee Support.  I recall EEPC and even VSE having similar issues in the past.  It's almost like these apps are so deeply embedded in the OS, that they don't like being shutdown, even if it is the OS shutting down.

I could see it as a major issue for scripted reboots, or anything unattended, otherwise, click the OK box and watch it reboot.

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