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Hello everyone!

Could someone answer the following question please ?

I wonder if it's possible de enforce policies on computers that belong to ePO groups?
I mean can we define assignment groups on DLP based on group made with ePO.

I ask that question because we do not use active directory to manage ePO. Our organization is based on groups that we manually set up in which are the computers that respond to the criterias we set in the group rules.

If somebody's got the answer and know how to do it, would it be possible to give me some help please? :rolleyes:

I got another question... is it possible to connect on the DLP server using a remote connection, and if it is could you give me the good configuration to make it work? Indeed each time I try to di it i got this error "attempted to perform an unauthorized operation" :eek:

and another last question grin ... when i get to the DLP dashboard page, there's actually no dashboard appearing!! it's written something like "unable to display this monitor because of an unrecoverable error" (translated from french)
Does anyone know where does the problem come from??

Thanks for your help! Smiley Tongue

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