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e002000a & Safetech

I encrypted a machine with EEPC 5.2.4.  This is an OFFLINE installation set.  Them machine encrypted successfully.  I restarted and logged onto PBA successfully.  There are no errors in the Status/SBCLIENTLOG.  Now I'm trying to use Safetech to decrypt the drive.  I typed in the code of the day with no errors.  When I try to authenticate from SBFS, I'm asked to enter a user name and password.  Once I type in my credentials, I receive this error:

"Setting the disk key failed with error:  E002000A"

Next, I click OK and I receive another error:

"Authenticating the user failed with error:  E002000A"

Any ideas as to why I can't decrypt?  Is there another way, in Safetech, to decrypt?


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Re: e002000a & Safetech

e002000aSafeBoot disk information not present

Most likely you have something shadowing the MBR - like a root kit virus. Load up sector 0 in the workspace and see if it's a vaild EEPC MBR, or if it's something else.

perhaps post it here so we can analyze it?

What kind of machine is it, and what is special about it compared to the ones which work fine?

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