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can't change IP address of Endpoint Encryption

I'm using McAfee Endpoint Encryption 5.2.2. I installed on a new test server and copied everything from the Endpoint Encryption manager directory on the production server to the new server. I can log into the Encryption Manager and created a new 'Endpoint Encryption Server Group' and a new server there. When I go to log onto the 'Endpoint Encryption Database Server' module, I only have one choice (the one that points to the local database). And, there seems to be no way to change the properties associated with that. So, in the Server console, the Database > Server > address attribute has the old server's IP and I can't see any way to change it. I followed the article that described migrating a server to new hardware, but it didn't work. The new server shows up in the Database Connection control, but only if I click Edit Connections. It is "remote" there and not in the drop down list.

How can I make this new server the server associated with "local"? If I delete the old server, I just get an error when logging in.

Thanks if you can help me figure this out.

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Re: can't change IP address of Endpoint Encryption

Right click the server and select "add to databases"

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