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RE: Resolution

I'm getting the same e0030009 error. The first sync, the client gives out that error when trying to create the sb host file system. If I sync it again, it works, but creates a duplicate machine name in the database with a "001" appended to the original, and uses that one as it's link in the database. The boot protection is installed, but any users said to be added to the machine, aren't found when rebooted and used. I just get a timed lockout no matter what.

I've tried removing safeboot multiple times and reinstalling, deleting registry keys having to do with safeboot, doing a /chkdsk /r and /fixmbr /fixboot before each installation... even left the domain, changed computer name, and rejoined.

Nothing seems to work.

RE: Resolution

did you do a full disk check before encrypting? We saw this on some machine with failing drives when the sb files ended up on corrupt sectors...
Also ensure latest bios level...

RE: Resolution

I had already done a full disk check; but the good news is I found out my issue. Unsure of true technical cause, but before the machine's first sync after having the sb client installed but after the autodomain script runs, set the machine in the sb server's db to not update the client files. Sync the machine; it will update tokens and users, and install the sbfs & bootcode successfully.

Reboot the machine, set it in the server to allow sb client updates, and resync it. It will update the sb client successfully, and work properly from then on.

RE: Resolution

Managed to resolve the safeboot.sys missing error by doing a fresh OS installation. The image used previously probably has some issues as well, that is why the problem re-occurred despite a reimage.
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Re: c:\windows\system32\safeboot.sys missing or corrupted

Hi guys..

I had tried version 5.2.8 with Del vostro 1510 IDE controller with WindowsXp " I got error \system32\drivers\safeboot.sys file missing or corrupt"  after PBA.

but i also tried with AHCI Controller with Windows7, tht's working fine. what is reason behind that?

plz help asap...



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