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Zenworks SSO breaking

EEPC is breaking our auto logon to our Software management tool called Zenworks 11sp2

What we found was that the auto log-on for ZCM is broken but only when you come through the McAfee Pre-boot 1st. So if you log-on as normal then you will get the ZCM Auto log-on breaking , but if you do a simple log off and log on then the auto log on works. This has just started to happen since EEPC was intraduced to our windows 7 enviroment ZCM being Novells Zenworks. We went to them and they sent an replacement DLL which.

So here is a similer issue we had about 1 year ago with Pistol Star

So, I think what they're talking about with the network order is in this registry key:


Here is the Value under that key that I'm looking at:


Here is the Data under the Value key on my computer:


The PsWrapper is PistolStar. I think the last entry is McAfee. It seems like only the ZCM Auto-Login isn't working when the hard drive is encrypted. This reminds me of the PistolStar issues we saw in Windows 7. In order to fix that, PistolStar told us about a registry key that could be set. Here are the details of that key:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pistolstar\Password Power]

Is there any chance that McAfee would have something similar to help with the SSO conflicts with ZCM

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