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Wintech PE Disk Doesn't recognize desk

I'm trying to get the BartPE based Wintech solution to work because I have a client that doesn't have access to a USB floppy (that method works fine for me). I've created the disk and it boots fine. I can start the SafeTech program but it won't let me authenticate because it can't read anything from the disk.

It seems as though the problem is that BartPE doesn't even recognize that there is a disk there, let alone an encrypted one.

Right now I'm thinking the problem might be due to the fact that I'm testing on a VM (using workstation). I'm trying to burn a CD and test on a laptop to verify this but if that is not the problem, what else could I be missing?

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RE: Wintech PE Disk Doesn't recognize desk

you need to make sure the right drivers for the disk are in the PE system - If you can't even see the physical drive, then the WinPE/BartPE can't see the disk at all, and that's a driver issue, nothing to do with encryption.

There are a few sites I've seen on the web which have hard disk drivers for BartPE - usually SATA ones. I'm not sure I've ever seen any for VM though.

are you using IDE disks or SCSI in your VM? If it's the latter I can imagine you would have a problem - and also don't know where you'd get SCSI drivers for VM other than perhaps the VM tools CD?

RE: Wintech PE Disk Doesn't recognize desk


VM ware is completely different for this part. I don't think that you can handle it independent of the drivers.

RE: Wintech PE Disk Doesn't recognize desk

Also, try playing with the SATA Compatibility settings in the BIOS, just for testing. If you don't have the SATA drivers on the CD, you might get by with compatibility mode turned on (or off... I don't recall... try switching it).

RE: Wintech PE Disk Doesn't recognize desk

Thank you all for the replies. I was able to get another machine to test on and indeed it was the fact that there wasn't a driver for vmware. I think what threw me was that the SafeTech floppy method worked fine so I assumed that the PE method would too.

Indeed if I used a different storage driver for my VM it may have made a difference but I was able to test what I needed.

Now I just need to figure out what to do when I actually get to the machine with the PE disk. It seems as though most associates here who end up with McAfee EE are also off site and therefore these recoveries are both a pain and I'm finding that they are already starting to resent the product.
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RE: Wintech PE Disk Doesn't recognize desk

In my experience (and I realize this specific question is related to VMWARE disk drivers), a dead sector or two in strategic locations on the disk can also render the drive "unmountable" in Wintech. Anyhow, when you're dealing with physical machines, and you've tested your BartPE driver set on the platform in question, that is usually the cause of the disk telling you it can't be read or that it's "not formatted."

RE: Wintech PE Disk Doesn't recognize desk

Thanks for the reponse. I really need to spend more time around because most of you understand how invasive this technology is and how when it fails, recovery may be a pain. I'm trying my best to smooth things over and place blame on the appropriate source of the problem (when it ISN'T McAfee EE)...

I'm on the phone currently with McAfee support because I'm booted into the person's machine with WinTech and not sure what to do. While I'm waiting I'll post the problem here in case they take a while.

I can run WinTech and am Authorized and Authenticated so I'm ready to do what is needed.

The power fail status says it's encryption still and obviously the whole drive is not encrypted yet. I can load sector 63+ and some is readable.

What I don't know is what the next step should be. The error message is 0xE0020022 and it seems as if it was powered off properly. He is the kind of person that never shuts his machine down correctly but rather just closes the lid and puts it in his bag.

Do I edit crypt state and select everything? Do I uninstall EEPC? Or do I restore the MBR? I want it to be fully encrypted as the end result so I'd like to avoid removing it if possible.