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Wintech (BartPE) licensing issues?

Are there any licensing issues to be aware of with BartPE?  After a little Googling I'm a little less certain.  Thanks.

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Re: Wintech (BartPE) licensing issues?

Check c:\WINDOWS\system32\eula.txt

It;s ok if you have original windows license you can run and create bartpe for recovery purpose

The reason iso image can't be distributed because to avoid people running windows without buying it at the first place

That also the reason why McAfee did not distributed the bootable iso file

Licensing issues

In order to make a BartPE installation, your must have a properly licensed copy of the operating system. BartPE does not grant users who do not have a proper Windows XP/2003 license the right to use a BartPE installation.

Also, according to the Microsoft EULA for Windows XP/2003, a user may not simultaneously use more installations of these operating systems than the user has license(s) for. This also goes for BartPE. In practice this means that the user may not use, for instance, a single license installation on one computer while simultaneously using a BartPE installation (created using that license) on another computer.

More information:

  • Your local Microsoft Windows end-user license agreement (c:\WINDOWS\system32\eula.txt)
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