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Windows 7, Autoboot, SSO deployment catch-22

I'm currently testing EEPC 5.2.5 with AutoDomain 5.6.0 for mass deployment on Windows 7 and XP.  We'd like to be able to run the installer during systems builds (running as a pre-defined local administrator account) and have EEPC install and configure itself for autoboot until the end user receives the system and logs in for the first time.  I've reviewed the documentation and forum posts on this and I believe I have this working correctly.  The issue I have is that in order for SSO to work on Windows 7 I have to enable the 'Require logon to Endpoint Encryption" option in the machine settings.  If this is set on the system before the end user receives the machine they are unable to log in for the first time at the Windows login screen since it is looking for an EEPC account and not a Windows login.  Is there any way around this other than not enabling SSO from the beginning and having to enable it later?  Is there something I'm missing?  Thanks in advance!

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