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Windows 2008 Server

Can Windows 2008 server be the Endpoint encryption Management Server ?
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Reliable Contributor SafeBoot
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Re: RE: Windows 2008 Server

"can it be" - yes.

"is it officially supported?" - I don't believe so at this time, you can check the KnowledgeBase to find out the latest news.

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McAfee Employee kthomas
McAfee Employee
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Re: Windows 2008 Server

As a record for anyone finding this thread in the community please find a list of relevant Supported environments articles for Endpoint Encryption. The content in these articles supercede any product documentation released at RTW. A great deal of effort goes into keeping these up-to-date and to receive an email notification when the article is updated, click the Subscribe at the top of the page when you have the article open.

KB53698 Supported environments for Endpoint Encryption Windows only 
KB67244 Supported environments for Encrypted USB Windows only
KB60622 Supported environments for Endpoint Encryption for Virtual Disk

PLEASE NOTE: In the near future KB53698 will be split into 3 separate articles. One for EE for PC, EE for Files and Folders and one for the EE Manager. To locate a list of all supported environments refer to: KB51109 Supported environments for McAfee products (Master KnowledgeBase Article)

To locate an  article:

Go to the McAfee ServicePortal ( and search for KnowledgeBase article.

NOTE: You can access the KnowledgeBase anonymously, but some articles are available only to logged in users

All the best

Knowledge Analyst (Global Online Services)

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