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Windows 10 File History Backup to USB drive with Removable Media Protection- help needed

I have a work win10 laptop with McAfee full protection (work software).  To back the laptop up I have a Seagate 1Gb USB drive.  It has Removable Media Protection v5.0.7 and I can successflly back up my work files using Win 10 File History.

However, I also want to back up my home win10 PC onto the same USB drive, again using File History.  When connecting the USB drive I enter the password for the EERM application and can see my work backup files.  However, I can't back up my home pc files to this USB as it thinks the drive is full- when it is actually only 1/4 full.  How can I get my home pc to save to the USB drive-I'm happy the files get encrypted?

My use case is that: I want to use the same USB drive to back up both my work and home pc- both are Win10, but only my work laptop has the mcAffe software.  

Hope you can help,


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