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Level 15

WinTech version in EEPC 5.2.1

What is the version of WinTech tool supplied with recent EEPC 5.2.1 ?
I get version from Help/About but from executable version. Which is right?
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Level 7

Found it

I had the same issue. It was a wrong version supplied with the install.

There is KB out there. I downloaded it but did not test it yet. The wintech 5.2 plugin is in the kb article, you may need to be logged into support to get it.

ERROR: Error code: 0xe0050004, The wrong version of the SafeBoot Client is currently active
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Level 15

RE: Found it

Similar thing. SBWintech executable is marked as, but when you run it, in Help/About is So why they are different?
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Re: RE: Found it

Any update on the correct plugin for 5.2.x?  I have some computers with 5.2.3 installed and we need an updated version of WinTech.

I downloaded the plugin from the knowledgebase article,, listed as, but in Help/About it is listed as 5.1.7.


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