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Where are error messages kept?

When we login at PBA with an invalid password... we get "Authentication Paramaters Incorrect" or something like that.

When we login at PBA with an invalid user ..... we get "Authentication Paramaters Incorrect"

On my test environment when logging in with an invalid user (one not assigned to the machine) i get an error that says "Invalid User" i think is the exact message.

Why in my production environment do i not get this same message? Is there an xml file i can locate and edit the error messages for a particular error code? I found one but this code wasnt listed there... assuming there must be another one somewhere.
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RE: Where are error messages kept?

its because you have the machine policy general option "do not display previous login name" ticked on your production - that makes the error message not give away whether it's the user name or password which is wrong.

you can't change the pre-boot error messages, but you can change the windows ones from the XML file.
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